Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ethel Mae Teresa Louisa Casey... Before the Bath

She will be 12 years old on June 26th. Her sight isn't that great, and she is deaf as a board, but there is so much love in her heart for my wife and I that we spare no expense for her care.
Her coat is incredibly soft, so much so that when our then 5 year old niece Tessa first touched her, she called her "Snuffalofagus" and the nickname "Snuffy" stuck to her.

Snuffy was supposed to get a bath and grooming a few weeks back, but we had to delay it due to an uncommonly virulent ear infection. Snuffy, like many dogs, has a favorite thing to do when she is let loose inside our invisible fence protected yard. Snuffy runs to the nearest, and freshest pile of deer/fox/possom/skunk/rabbit poop she can find, and rolls in it.
Ah, the fragrance! Many dog books I have read tell me that she is instinctively trying to disguise herself from the other residents of the neighborhood.
The thing is, sometimes she works that dung into her ears, with not so good health repercussions. That's what happened this spring. She was on antibiotics for three weeks, and twice a day ear cleanings with a medicated solution for twice as long. So the risk of having her get groomed and water in her ears was too great, so we put it off. But now she's all better, and it's off to the groomer's for her and her little black sisters, Lucy and Sally!
I'll put a picture up right afterwards, so you can see what a real lady Snuffy is.

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