Sunday, May 25, 2008

A weekend without Dogs...and I miss them

Sally Ann Casey, Springer/Cocker Mix, gives me her "Pitiful Face"

I dropped the three puppy girls off at the Shady Rest kennel near Seipstown Thursday Night, knowing I would pick them up on Monday afternoon. It is a nice break from my "parenting" duties, because taking them to the shore would mean constant barking, and middle of the night walks, because there is no invisible fence down there, and no fence on any of the properties. We are responsible dog owners, we clean up after our dogs, and nothing irks me quite as much as when I'm walking our dogs and we stumble across, or into, a mess someone else didn't bother picking up. Dogs are now permanently banned from Cape May Point's beaches, because of a few ignorant people. That's a shame, because in the wintertime the beaches were deserted, and letting the dogs run was something they enjoyed.

I miss my dogs. It is too quiet without them. I know, Quiet is a good thing, but this is too quiet. We call Sally "Bubba" a nickname for Beelzebub, because she likes to run circles in the yard as if possessed as fast as she can. I could go for a good look of pitiful from our Bubba right now, but I'll survive.

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