Friday, February 29, 2008

Lucy, (Or Loodely Doodles as we call her) has a few health issues.

I took Lucy to the Vet, and we discovered that besides the large growth of fatty tissue on her chest under her collar, and the unsightly red splotch below her left eye, she has two other other tumors, one in the "armpit" under her front left leg, and another back near a nipple.

Preliminary testing shows them to be benign, but we are going to play it safe and schedule precautionary procedures and have them removed and biopsied. Yes, it is an expense to consider for an 11 year old dog, but she's a better friend than many people I have had the pleasure or displeasure to know, so I feel she's worth it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ethel has another ear infection

To be exact, she has a different infection in each ear, but her right is the far worse. Why?
Ethel has a terrible addiction. She likes to go out and lay in the poop of some of our wilder residents that live in the nearby forested/swampy areas. She likes to roll around in the poop, and get it into her ears. My wife and I try to get it all off and out, but she just goes right back out and gets in it again. Ethel will turn 12 years old on June 26th. She is still pretty spry, even if she is deaf, and her cataracts are getting bigger. She isn't due for any more shots until her B'day, when she gets her Rabies. She is the happiest dog in the world, the vet says. I wish we all had her outlook.