Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The priviliged life of Lucy the Dog

Lucy in the foyer with her puppy treat!

Lucy is a fat little black cocker that came onto our home in 2000 just before her 4th Birthday. She was obedience trained, but a few months in our lackadaisical household broke her of that. She has incredible hearing, and can hear our cars approaching before we even turn onto our street. She has gotten up and waddled to the garage door before the telltale sound of the motorized remote activating to lift it.
Lucy's life consists of being extremely vigilant in guarding her food bowl. Even Though our property is equipped with an invisible dog fence, Lucy only ventures far enough into the yard to "perform" then immediately scurries back, to protect her food dish from any and all invaders.
She will play fetch, unfortunately, once she has the ball, the game is over, as she will take it and lay on the porch. She is portly to the point that she cannot rollover on her back, so she does a :"half roll", incessantly wagging her stub of a little black tail while waiting for someone to scratch her ample belly.
We call her "loodle Doodle" which I believed evolved from her habit of lollygagging around when called to come in the house. She would take her sweet little time when you were in a hurry to leave, and in contrast, if it is cold outside, she would run out, "perform" and immediately return to the door and start barking loudly, as if we had left her out, unfed, for days on end.
Patience is not her strongest virtue.
I find her most endearing quality her most annoying. She snores like a train, and grunts and snorts like a pig in a pen. Considering her Physical resemblance shape wise, to a little pig, it's no wonder we have nicknamed her, "our little Pork Roll."
Lucy, a fat black affectionate little cocker spaniel whose somewhat annoying bark is far worse than any bite, is our lovable , entertaing little pork roll, who loves us almost as much as her food bowl, but I wouldn't bet on it, Because We love her more than that.
We call her a lot of things, and you can guaranatee that no matter what, the words "puppy treat" always get her attention. She most deservedly has ours.

Friday, December 08, 2006

We call her "Fluffernuts"

Ethel on the Chaise with a ball

My lovely wife expressed concerns that Lucy and Ethel, our two other girls, might have hurt feelings because I hadn't written about them. This Morning Ethel, the 10 year old brown and White Freckled girl we rescued in 1998, decided it was a good day to give me a scare.

At 545AM, I let the girls out for their morning potty break. The temp was in the single digits, the wind was blowing, so I didn't think they would take too long. I packed my wife's lunch and made her tea, and when I went to the door, Sally and Lucy didn't hesitate to charge in.
But Ethel? No where in sight. I crept out into the yard, looking all over. No Ethel in sight.

Two big concerns here. Ethel is Deaf, and her sight isn't that great. She also ignores the shock from her invisible fence collar. In fact, we think she likes it, but that's another post another day.

So if she wandered out of the yard in the dark, It's not a good thing. I rushed back in the house, threw on my coat and hooded jacket, and headed back out. She was at the door waiting to get in. Where did she go? What did she do? that's her little secret.

Our Niece once called her Snuffalofagus, because she was soft and cuddly like her snuffalofagus toy, so we sometimes call her "Snuffy", but out of the blue one day, my wife called her "fluffernuts" and it stuck. She is the most passive, affectionate, and loving dog I have ever had in my life. If something ever happened to her, I admit I would be crushed.

Just as there was only one Fred, One Sally, and as I will write soon, one Lucy, there is only one Ethel, or "Fluffernuts."