Wednesday, November 29, 2006

One Crazy, lovable dog, or demon, if you like!

Okay this picture, shows Sally as a demon dog, like Beelzebub, which is fitting of her nickname, Bubby, or, The Bubba!

I should have just called this my dog blog, but I always compare all Dogs to my Freddog.

We have a Springer/Cocker/Poodle? mix we call Sally. She is black as night and if left ungroomed for more than a month, her shiny black coat begins to curl, giving her Fu Manchu hair around her face and chin. She is very scrawny, maybe weighing 20 pounds soaking wet, but she is a bundle of energy.

Sally suffers from ADD. She is easily distracted when running around in the yard. When first let out the front door, she will charge to the middle of the yard, and begin running large, looping circle 8's as fast as she can, while barking needlessly. You throw a ball for her, and she will run full tilt after it, until a bird flys nearby, at which point she will change course and forget about the ball. then a bug will get her attention. What bird? What ball? then she will run some more.

Sally is the source of much entertainment, occasionally crashing into things like trees and furniture when she becomes distracted during one of her charges. She's not my Freddog, but she is our crazy Sally. and she is always good for a laugh