Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ethel isn't doing so well

Ethel Mae Teresa Casey turned 12 years old June 28. Her slightly younger step sister, Lucy Onnie Casey, the little black pork roll on the left, turns 12 October 17th. They are "Senior" dogs, but they are both still full of love and affection for us. One of Ethel's ears just can't seem to stay clear of infection, no matter what we do. The tissue is so inflamed it is blocking any attempts by her body to discharge what's in there, and making it difficult to get much needed medicine in where it can have effect. Surgery at the age of 12 is very high risk, and the odds are against here. She runs around, plays, and seems as happy as ever, but how can you tell if she is pain?
So the Vet gave her a Prednisone shot, and she's on ear drops and meds, that I administered before I left for work at 5 AM. We love her, and we want her to have a quality life. I'm really not ready yet to consider the bad options.